Nelson Mandela Centre for African Culture
Slave Database

Who and How can this database help in family search?

Mauritians who believe they have slave ancestry and whose families have not changed their names can consult this database to check their names. A Mauritian tracing his slave ancestry will not only be able to locate his or her family name in this database, but will find information about the area and estate his or her ancestors lived on and the names of other slaves living on the area and estate. For the historian, the dataset will further and deepen his or her understanding of the slave diaspora.

How to get access to the database?

An online registration process has been developed. The user fills in a form online giving relevant details of his requests. Once this is done, he can login onto the slave database website using the email address and the password he supplied earlier on.
For those who do not have access to the internet the central database will be available to researchers and to the Mauritian public at large for consultation at Family History Unit, at the seat of the Centre. The Research Officer and other officials will provide necessary assistance.

Registration for a login account to get access to the database